Bodyguards School «Vityaz»
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«Bodyguard School «Vityaz» welcomes bodyguards
to get professional training courses in Russia.

Experienced instructors (veterans of «Vityaz» Special Force Unit) provide various programs of tactics, special marksmanship and physical training.

Bodyguard School «Vityaz»

The training courses are held using unique equipment and metodology on the private territory of the «Training center «Vityaz».
At your disposal are:

  • Multipurpose indoor shooting range for shooting from various types of weapons including automatic rifles and pistol-machineguns;
  • Laser shooting range equipped with various software programs for training bodyguards’ skills and solving tactical missions;
  • Multimedia shooting range for shooting from firearms and airguns in tactical situations demonstrated on an anti-ricochet screen;
  • Tactical gallery for simulating various tactical missions for bodyguards to solve;
  • Drill classrooms equipped with computer simulators for measuring and improving responsivity and observancy skills of bodyguards;
  • Gym hall for man-to-man fight training;
  • Special obstacle course for training physical skills and stamina.

Set of buildings and constructions together with the whole surrounding territory help to create the necessary conditions for training of bodyguards in various possible situations arising in the process of protecting of VIP.

special marksmanship training special physical training special physical training bodyguard special tactical training

The training courses for bodyguards last for 3 weeks (15 training days) and include training on the following subjects:

  1. bodyguard special tactical training;
  2. special marksmanship training;
  3. special physical training;
  4. medical, engineer training, special safeguard and communication equipment.

After completion of the course the bodyguards are awarded with a «Course Vityaz for Bodyguards» Certificate.

«Training center «Vityaz» video

To apply for courses at the «Bodyguards School «Vityaz» you need to fill an application.

The representatives of the «Bodyguard School «Vityaz» are:

In Russia: Yury Nedorubov



We are open for co-operation with our future representatives in other countries.

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